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Good Friday!

I will apologize now for taking sooo long to post a blog.  I will be honest I have had some life changes and uninspired to write anything. With that said. I have had some inspiration since it is Good Friday. 

The basis of Good Friday is that today our savior died on the cross for our sins. He is a perfect man that died to save us. Today is such a huge day in the Christian faith.   Today is the day that we are forgiven. We are totally forgiven if we ask Jesus into our hearts. How rock star is that! I am unsure if I could bear such a burden for humanity. But that is the awesome part….We don’t have to

Now why would Christians want to celebrate such a brutal day? A day full of suffering and loss. I know that for me, I celebrate because He gave me a new life. I am inspired to be just like him, I fail everyday but I know that I am forgiven because of this day. I can one day hang with Jesus because he did this for me.

I feel so thankful for such a gift that Jesus gave to me. I feel joy and peace that I have Jesus and he has my back!  I hope that today we all take the time to thank our Savior for this gift and think about the true meaning of Good Friday!


Be Blessed!


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